05 Oct. 2012

Rock Over America – “Genre Master”

‘Everyone Can See’ is a disc that has a range of styles, from toe tapping jams to emotional pleas, and each one is good! I freely admit that when it comes to music I prefer men on vocals. There are very few women that don’t hit a nerve like a root canal, and I’ve never …

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12 Sep. 2012

100% Rock Magazine – “What a Voice!”

…grab a copy of this wonderful album and start hitting the repeat button. Tricia Freeman’s love of blues, rock, country and soul – in short, GREAT music – shines through on her latest album, but it’s her amazing voice which is the true star. And what a voice! Powerful, versatile, beautiful and passionate, Freeman’s vocals …

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03 Jul. 2012

Music Connection – “Terrific, Tasty”

What a strong, wailing, gut-bucket blues-rock voice Freeman has, and her producer provides it plenty of space to roam… …on “Thought You Was The One.”  Her ballad “Going Back” might draw comparisons to Melissa Etheridge in her ability to tug the heartstrings.  Freeman’s rich vocals are perhaps captured best on “Help Me,” as is her …

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06 Apr. 2012 – “Powerful”

…I was excited to see this one in my mailbox. Tricia Freeman does not disappoint. She shows herself to be an excellent singer and storyteller…with a powerful voice, this is an album you should add to your collection. My introduction to Tricia Freeman came several years ago when I saw her perform at the Doheny …

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03 Apr. 2012

L.A. Examiner – “Confident, Worthy”

…as Freeman’s delivery demonstrates…How could any man not fall in love with a lady that gives it this much effort?  One wonders what she is really capable of in person. It seems Freeman who is one of the headline acts for the Real Blues Festival of Orange County 3 on Sunday, August 26 will continue …

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25 Mar. 2012

Boomerocity – “Iconic, Top Shelf”

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: The one great thing about this gig is that I have the opportunity of “discovering” talent that is on the rise. It allows Boomerocity to turn you on to them. We have another such opportunity by turning y’all on to Tricia Freeman. I received a review copy …

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20 Mar. 2012

Southland Blues Mag – “Mild Thunder”

As Tricia Freeman brings her big voice and country blues presence into the studio for this session, you can feel the excitement moving all around her. She’s been compared to Janis Joplin for good reason. And her vocal refrains stand out for the power that she drives throughout this program. Eleven original songs (several written …

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15 Mar. 2012

Music News Nashville – “Jaw-dropping”

…she is able to show her Joplin, Etheridge, and Wilson influences all at once – but still sounding unique in her own voice at the same time. Once you pick up your jaw from the floor, you will simply start the CD over and again, and again, and again. You put this CD into the …

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