05 Oct. 2012

Rock Over America – “Genre Master”

‘Everyone Can See’ is a disc that has a range of styles, from toe tapping jams to emotional pleas, and each one is good!

I freely admit that when it comes to music I prefer men on vocals. There are very few women that don’t hit a nerve like a root canal, and I’ve never known why that is. Perhaps it’s growing up in a time when Pat Benatar and Heart were the standard, but I tend to roll my eyes when I get a disc that features a woman singing. I do always try to be fair though because let’s face it; I’m not the one putting myself out there for the masses to judge. I recently got the newest release from Tricia Freeman and I have to say that I have finally found a woman who sings from the heart and who doesn’t try to hit notes that end up turning to screeches.

‘Everyone Can See’ is a disc that has a range of styles, from toe tapping jams to emotional pleas, and each one is good! Tricia has a style that reminds me a lot of Melissa Etheridge, especially vocally, but Tricia takes a more Blues based approach to her songs. ‘Thought You Was The One’ is a perfect example. It’s got a Delta feel with the kind of lyrics that you expect from the masters in the genre. ‘Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean’ gives you an upbeat feel full of piano and as a woman I can relate to the lyrics. It actually makes me think of a song you would hear decades ago in a club, but with a modern and slightly Country twist. ‘Everyone Can See’ is another song that makes me think of the Cotton Club, with clean vocals that you can really get into.

‘You’ll Fall In Love With Me’ has a classic Rock feel that reminds me of the music on the radio before it became the same 20 songs all the time. With organ, a driving rhythm, and Tricia’s throaty vocals it’s a fun song to listen to. Perhaps the most touching song on the disc for me is ‘Blind Man Wanderin’. It touches you in a way that few songs do with its plaintive feel and lyrics of regret for another. Tricia doesn’t seem to be afraid to dig beneath the surface.

If you’re a fan of the women that can alternately rock and carry a torch song, with throaty vocals that speak of the days before auto-tuning was the norm, then I would recommend checking out Tricia. With many styles to be found on this disc there’s sure to be something that will strike your fancy.”

Artist: Tricia Freeman
Album: Everyone Can See
Label: Self Released
Reviewer: Melissa Martinez
Date: Oct 5, 2012

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